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What Is Your Time Worth?

5 Ways to Save Time Training Staff

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Staff turnover + manual training = many man-hours lost

With today’s staff turnover rates, healthcare compliance teams are facing unprecedented challenges to keep a revolving staff up to date and compliant. It’s all about working smarter — not harder — in order to accomplish more in less time with limited resources.  

From vetting material and creating courses to sending reminders and tracking employee completion, you’ve got a lot on your plate — and there’s always more coming. Whether you’re training new staff or conducting annual refreshers, you’re investing time, energy, and money. Just because you aren’t paying for a learning management system (LMS), it doesn’t mean your staff training is free.

This guide puts into perspective how much time and money is truly lost with outdated, manual processes. Practical ways of streamlining and simplifying staff training and onboarding are outlined. You’ll even get a fillable template to make the case for an LMS to your administration.   

Inside this guide, you’ll find:

  • Detailed task lists to keep you on track
  • A calculation worksheet to compare program costs
  • A fillable template to make the case to your administration for digitization (LMS) 
  • Time estimates and process recommendations
  • How to save time training staff
  • Ways to simplify staff onboarding

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