USP <800>: Understanding the Enforceable Standard and Risk Mitigation

Webinar Recorded on July 12, 2023


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After years in limbo, USP <800> will start being enforced on November 1, 2023. Are you ready?

In this webinar, compliance experts Seth DePasquale and Brian Williams offer insight into the standard’s complicated history and what it means for healthcare organizations. Drawing on extensive healthcare and pharmaceutical compliance experience, Seth and Brian share best practices for implementing management controls — including some very simple techniques that can save you from fines… or worse. 


Watch the recording now to discover:

  • An understanding of how USP <800> impacts your organization
  • Familiarization with the proposed 2020 NIOSH Hazardous Drug List & Identification Methodology
  • Best practices for the assessment of risk
  • Simple ways to mitigate the most common risks
Seth DePasquale

Seth DePasquale, RPh, BCSCP, Pharmaceutical Consultant

Seth DePasquale is a Board Certified Sterile Compounding Pharmacist and Senior Director for Visante, Inc. Seth previously worked as Director of Content Creation at the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and has been instrumental in initiating a Board Recertification Course for the Board of Pharmacy Specialties Sterile Compounding Certification. Prior to APhA, Seth was the Pharmacist in Charge and co-owner of BET Pharmacy in Lexington, KY, a pharmacy specializing in sterile injections for the equine industry.

Seth is a visionary, outspoken advocate for increasing compliance and quality for pharmaceutical compounding, as demonstrated through his educational content and work as a consultant to health systems, 503A and 503B pharmacies. Seth is a 2002 graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy in Albany, NY. 


Brian Williams, MHA, MBA, VP of Compliance, MedTrainer

For nearly a decade, Brian has been keeping his finger on the ever-evolving regulatory and accreditation standards and sharing that information with MedTrainer and customers. He has 20+ years of executive-level experience, managing as many as 350 healthcare employees with direct responsibility for infection control, performance improvement, and overall staff development.

It’s Brian’s love for learning that fuels his passion for simplifying healthcare compliance. Brian can answer pretty much any healthcare compliance question, but if he’s stumped, he will not stop until he gets an answer. Brian loves to cook memorable meals for his family and friends and his favorite hobby is gaining an understanding of time — through his eclectic watch collection.