USP <800>

Compliance Strategies for the Enforceable Standard

USP 800 Guide

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll find everything you need to maintain compliance with USP <800> (effective November 1, 2023).

Practical ideas, flow charts, checklists, links, and more are broken down into these five sections:

USP 800 Guide Graphic

1. Identify

  • Get a list of the suggested information for your hazardous drug inventory
  • Understand what is required in an assessment of risk
  • Learn why an assessment of risk is always a good idea — especially since there hasn’t been an official update to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) list since 2016. 

2. Document

  • Use the included checklist to ensure you have all the required standard operating procedures
  • Find out the simplest way to keep your hazardous drug documentation organized

3. Train

  • Get a complete list of required and suggested training topics
  • Use the included template for assessing employee competency

4. Monitor

  • Understand three types of required continuous monitoring
  • Learn the benefits of tracking incident trends electronically

5. Comply

  • Get critical tips for managing compliance
  • Revisit the importance of drug package inserts and manufacturer instructions

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