How To Speed Up Your Enrollment Process

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 11-11:45a.m. PT

About this Webinar

Are delays and denials costing your team valuable time and revenue?

Get tips and tricks from credentialing veterans Tyler Picciano and Joyce Siow-Yazzie to eliminate dozens of pitfalls — from submitting incomplete information to ineffective follow-up. They’ll lay out a proven payer enrollment process that you can implement in your own organization. 


Watch the webinar to gain:

  • Ideas to shorten your process
  • Ways technology can reduce human errors
  • The data you need to identify improvements
  • And so much more!

Tyler Picciano

Strategic Manager, MedTrainer

Joyce Siow-Yazzie

Joyce Siow-Yazzie

Credentialing Solutions Consultant, MedTrainer