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How to Create a Stellar Onboarding Program

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The current staffing situation can feel dire. Healthcare workers are stressed for multiple reasons, many of which are beyond any single employer’s control. There is an older population of patients who are living longer with more comorbidities than ever. Staff experience transient teams because workers are quitting. And of course, we all know the unique personal and professional struggles brought on by the pandemic.

Let’s explore how to tackle this problem from the perspective of onboarding. Research shows that a great onboarding experience leads to higher staff retention and more satisfied employees.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Costs of high turnover
  • New onboarding best practices for healthcare
  • Three key onboarding steps that are commonly missed
  • How to attract and retain the next generation of healthcare workers
  • and more! 

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Healthcare Onboarding Checklist Template

Are you having a hard time managing your onboarding tasks? We made it easy for you! 

There is a lot to do before your new hire hits the ground running! Between background checks, obtaining certifications, sending them paperwork, not to mention all of the facility training and introductions to your current staff. It can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Download this template to access onboarding checklists for multiple industries, including urgent care, surgery centers, physician's offices, hospitals, and critical care facilities.

Tips and Tricks for Compliance Training

Compliance training for healthcare staff educates your team about the laws, regulations, and rules that pertain to their work in your organization.

A complicated web of rules exists for various healthcare professionals, so it’s vital to tailor your training to your organization’s specific needs. A robust compliance training program can improve your business’s competitive edge in a few different ways. 

Download this guide to key topics to include in training, tools for success, and more!