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How Credentialing Influences Staff Retention

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About this webinar:

In today’s staffing climate, hiring and retaining clinicians is a complex task. Top-notch facilities and a good contract are no longer enough. You have to be able to get them in front of patients faster than your competitors.

That means using credentialing as an onboarding and retention tool to streamline the process as efficiently as possible.

Clinicians are losing time and money daily waiting on credentialing and payer enrollments. They’re not going to wait around forever. And you can’t afford it either.

Optimizing your credentialing process will get clinicians practicing sooner, keep them within your organization, and even maximize your staffing.

Watch the webinar now to learn:

  • Tips for organizing credentialing documents
  • How to make a business case for credentialing help
  • Strategies to use credentialing as part of your onboarding process