Demystify the Medicare & Medicaid Enrollment Process


You may have found yourself at the point where you’re ready to get yourself enrolled as a provider for Medicaid and Medicare, but you don’t know where to start. No need to worry – We can help! This guide will break down the process for enrollment and credentialing, so it’s not such an intimidating foe.

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  • The application process
  • Choosing the right plan and application for you
  • Managed-care plans
  • How to simplify the enrollment process
  • And more! 

We know the enrollment process for government health programs can cause a lot of confusion and frustration for healthcare admins. Throw in the strict standards and lengthy processes, and it’s easy for the pressure to feel overwhelming but...

After reading this guide, hopefully, the Medicare and Medicaid enrollment process won't seem so scary, and you'll be ready to effectively set yourself and your organization up with commercial and government payers.