On-Demand Webinar

Maximize Funding Streams Starting With 340B

Recorded on Tuesday, March 12, 2024


About This Webinar:

Work smarter, not harder when it comes to finding new health center funding.

Efficiency with the 340B discount program can unlock revenue — if you know what to do. Seasoned attorney Jason Reddish shares ideas for maximizing use and payments, as well as staying compliant with new income opportunities such as infusion or clinic-administered drugs, telemedicine, and an in-house pharmacy.

Compliance and policy experts Brian Williams and Hira Rashid take it beyond 340B with ideas for other ways to sustain HRSA funding in the long run and improve reimbursement rates. The increased adoption of value-based care among community health centers and federally qualified health centers offers the potential for exponential revenue growth.


You'll leave this webinar with:

  • - Tips to remain compliant with 340B
  • - How other CHCs are expanding revenue
  • - Policy trends to keep an eye on
  • - And so much more!

Meet The Session Leaders

Jason Reddish - headshot

Jason B. Reddish

Partner, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC

Jason has extensive experience negotiating 340B-related agreements, including those involving covered entities, contract pharmacies, administrators, payers, and others.  He also works with covered entities to develop compliant policies and procedures and to audit current operations. Jason guides 340B covered entities through the 340B audit process, disputes unfair or unjust audit findings, assists covered entities with responses to HRSA and manufacturer inquiries, and prepares self-disclosures and corrective action plans to disclose or rectify episodes of non-compliance, if necessary. His success in handling these issues earned him a reputation as an authority on transactional, operational, and compliance concerns within the realm of 340B program-covered entities and contract pharmacies.


Brian S. Williams, MBA, MHA

 VP of Compliance, MedTrainer

Brian brings 30+ years of healthcare management and executive experience to the table. Throughout his career in compliance, he has managed hundreds of healthcare workers across various department types and multiple locations. Having led teams through a multitude of challenges, including both natural and manmade emergencies, Brian has direct leadership experience in disaster response best practices and proactive strategies to simplify complex regulations and standards. He continues to be driven by a love of learning and empowering fellow compliance professionals to be successful. In addition to his national speaking engagements, Brian currently serves as the VP of Compliance at MedTrainer.

Hira Headshot

Hira Rashid, Ph.D.

 Senior Manager for Learning, MedTrainer

Hira Rashid uses her expertise in public policy to ensure MedTrainer course content meets the requirements for regulatory compliance and professional licensure. Hira earned both a Master’s degree and doctorate degree in public policy before joining MedTrainer in 2021. As the senior program manager, she collaborates with a team of SMEs to review legislative and regulatory changes in healthcare compliance requirements at the federal and state level, and leverages this information to create risk management plans for MedTrainer clients and create a strategic plan for course development. Hira closely follows changes and updates to state-specific compliance requirements, federal requirements, and accreditation organization standards for all major healthcare settings. In addition to expertise in public policy, Hira also has experience with statistical modeling and data analysis.