Free Checklist

Infection Prevention Checklist

Eliminate Infection Prevention Deficiencies by Checking Often Overlooked Details

Infection prevention has incredible value, including dollars, time, and productivity.

Sometimes it is a tiny detail that prevents infection from spreading – or puts your accreditation in jeopardy. Use this cheat sheet to be sure you aren’t missing the details and nuances that surveyors often see.

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Free Guide: Maintaining an Effective Infection Control Plan in a Changing World

As infections and the environment continue to evolve, it’s tough to keep your ICP future-ready.

Healthcare facilities need an effective Infection Control Plan (ICP) and supporting resources to maintain accreditation, better protect patients, and increase facility volume.

Inside this guide, surveyors shared these details and how to ensure compliance. You’ll also find:

  • The value of an ICP adds to your facility
  • Predictions for the future of infection prevention
  • A cheat sheet to eliminate deficiencies
  • And more!