Free Template

HIPAA Breach Notification Policy

You know that moment of panic — when doubt creeps in, and you worry that what you have isn’t good enough?

Stop worrying. First, what you have is probably fine. Second, you can download this ready-to-use policy and acknowledgment page just to double-check and make improvements if needed.

We’ve also included a breach notification letter for patients. Having this on hand will help reduce your panic after a breach happens.

Download this free template to customize for your organization. You get:

  • Comprehensive HIPAA Breach Notification Policy
  • Staff acknowledgment page
  • Breach notification letter for patients 
This free download provides everything you need to create a policy, update your existing documents, or just compare to see how yours stack up.
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Still Chasing Acknowledgments?

There’s a better way! Electronic policy acknowledgments and signatures with MedTrainer make it easy to ensure all staff have reviewed important policies. Every acknowledgment is automatically tracked and available in reports to ensure compliance. MedTrainer is much more cost-effective than large document signing solutions — and it’s built for healthcare.