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Secrets to Speed Up Your Credentialing Process With Digital Credentialing


Only 33% of healthcare organizations use digital credentialing.

Of those who aren’t, 32% say it’s because it costs too much, and 29% say they’re continuing the way they’ve always done it (data from a 2022 MedTrainer poll).

Those excuses aren't going to last much longer as the pressure mounts for credentialers.

Inside this guide, you’ll see the cost of NOT using digital credentialing (spoiler alert: it's hundreds of thousands of dollars) and how digital credentialing increases speed and accuracy to keep revenue intact. Now is the time for change – it’s a perfect storm with high staff turnover, increased scrutiny of education credentials, and advancing technology.

Don’t be left behind.

Inside this guide, you’ll find:

  • Tips to speed up your credentialing process
  • What to look for in digital credentialing solutions
  • A cost analysis of existing credentialing process

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