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Demystifying Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment Webinar


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About this webinar

The enrollment process for government health programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid is essential for many facilities, but it can cause a lot of confusion and frustration for healthcare admins. Throw in the strict standards and lengthy processes, and it’s easy for the pressure to feel overwhelming.

How can you make sure you’re checking all the necessary boxes in order to successfully complete your enrollment? 

Join MedTrainer’s Credentialing Expert, Ashley Olson, for a 30-minute webinar, where she will answer the questions she hears most, including:

  • What documentation is required for successful Medicare/Medicaid enrollment?
  • What are common misconceptions and mistakes to avoid during the enrollment process?
  • What are managed care plans and how do they relate to Medicare/Medicaid?

Learn from industry experts


Ashley Olson

Customer Success and Credentialing Expert 


Ashley’s focus at MedTrainer is assisting medical facilities to improve their business planning and credentialing needs. Ashley is a certified provider credentialing specialist through NAMSS. She has spent the past ten years in healthcare, and 4 of those years have been at MedTrainer. Ashley’s favorite thing in healthcare is how it is constantly changing and keeps her on her toes.



Tiffany Pease

Product Marketing Manager 


Tiffany joined MedTrainer with an extensive background in business development and marketing. She brings a blend of entrepreneurial pursuits and technical integrations to the marketing team. Her passion for creating better solutions is evident throughout her career, and seeing the result serves as an inspiration to keep exploring different ways to make life better for people.