On-Demand Webinar 

Defeat Burnout and Boost Retention Within Your Healthcare Facility

Recorded on Wednesday, October 26th

About this webinar

Staff turnover can feel like a lousy Ferris Wheel ride — an endless cycle of onboarding, training, then replacing staff when they leave and starting all over again. Not the kind of carnival ride you want to be on! And let’s not forget all the wasted time and resources — for you and your organization.

But what to do? Let’s examine the problem through the lens of efficiency. This webinar will focus on how to make administrative work easier for staff by improving systems and processes to reduce their workload long term.

What you can expect to learn:
  • Why onboarding is crucial to success, and how to optimize it for staff retention
  • How modernizing your administrative procedures can reduce stress and burnout
  • Why “set-and-forget” systems improve work life for employees and help create a happier, more productive workplace
  • And more!