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Crash Course on Using AI for Healthcare Compliance Training

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Can generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) write your healthcare compliance training courses?

Short answer — no. But it can help. 

Generative AI apps like ChatGPT are not subject matter experts. Repeat. Generative AI is not a subject matter expert — that’s you! And while your job cannot — and will not — be replaced by AI, you can speed up some of your routine processes. Combined with your expertise, AI can give you time back in your day. 

The key to using generative AI to write healthcare compliance courses is knowing what prompts to give. Each and every word you use influences the responses you get. So, what are the best prompts? How do you vet AI’s response?  


Download this free guide for insight on:

  - The best compliance topics to use with generative AI
  - Regulatory pitfalls to watch out for
  - How to get verified, legitimate data to include in your courses
  - Tips for writing the best prompts


Get over 15 examples of specific prompts you can copy and paste!

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